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Santi Giovanni e Paolo's and Santa Maria dei Miracoli's Church

Guided tour at Santi Giovanni e Paolo's and at the Miracoli Church

In this tour I will guide you first to the dominicans' Church, which is called San Zanipolo by locals. It is the largest Gothic Church in the city, where 25 doges wanted to be buried. Here you will find some remains of important Venetian heroes such as are Marcantonio Bragadin's, an enchanting painting by Lorenzo Lotto, and a spectacular ceiling realized by Veronese.
Secondly, in Santa Maria dei Miracoli's Church, built to house an image that could perform miracles, you will see majestic example of Renaissance architecture in Venice.
Two chief stones of Venice.

Duration: 2 hours
Fee for the guided tour: from 150 €
Tickets for museums: San Giovanni e Paolo: 2,50 €; Chiesa dei Miracoli: 3 €
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