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The Jewish Ghetto, Campo dei Mori and Madonna dell'Orto

Walking tour around the Ghetto and the Campo dei Mori, guided tour at the Madonna dell'Orto

Unlike most cities, the Venetian Ghetto is no urban slam. It was instituted in 1516 by the city government as a way to control the active and relevant Jewish presence in Venice. The Ghetto, enlarged several times, was the quarter in which the Jews had to live. There are a lot of hidden synagogues in the tall houses of this once very crowded area.   
The tour will go on with the story of some curious stone statues that we call "Moors" and that are evidence of the deep relationship between Venice and the East. In the end, we shall visit the Madonna dell'Orto's, to meet Tintoretto's the wise painting once again. Tintoretto left in this church, his parish, two of the largest paintings you would ever see.

Duration: 2 hours
Fee for the guided tour: from 150 €
Tickets for museums: Madonna dell'Orto: 3 €
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