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Casanova's escape

Secret itinerary at the Doge's Palace

Think of a handsome young boy, the son of two actors, who undertook the ecclesiastical career. Imagine how he could become the greatest seducer in the world. Figure out how he ended up in the Piombi – the old prison in the Doge's Palace – and how he could escape from there!
This tour, exclusively under reservation at least one day before (pre-booking is required), will let you discover the secret part of the Doge's Palace (secret archives, Room of the Three Heads of the Council of Ten, the torture Chamber, the Piombi), at the same time as you learn Casanova's attractive history. 

Duration: 2 hours
Fee for the guided tour: from 160 €
Tickets for the museums: Secret tour entry ticket + Doge's Palace: 28 €
The route can be extended to study other places in the city. For more info email me at info@guidedvenice.com
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