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Hidden Venice

There are many places in Venice that still preserve special charm, far from tourists and steeped in history.
This route within the district of San Polo will allow you to see some unique sights, some legendary palaces, bridges with funny reputation, and areas characterized by singular economic and social uses.
In particular you will see:
- Rialto and its little secret areas, accoompanied by some of Casanova's episodes;
- A strange door of an old barrel-maker;
- The ancient neighborhood of the courtesans (Carampane) and the Bridge of Tits (Ponte delle Tette);
- The building of Bianca Cappello and her sad story;
- Hundred-year-old reliefs and paterae that have interesting  meanings;
- Campo San Polo and its legends.
Duration: 2 hoursCosts: from 150 €Other costs: not provided
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