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Rialto + cichetti, eg Venice traditional food

The Venetian culinary tradition is not simply rich and tasty , it is filled with history and knows how to tell the story of the city in the same way as its museums. Fish, salt, spices were the primary merchandise for the laggon city, and they became daily food. Raisins came from the Greek islands belonging to Venice, as well as wine. What is the history of coffee? What are the most loved desserts by Venetians?

Let me tell you something about how we cook while I accompany you to visit the bustling markets of fish, fruit and vegetables.

And after all, nothing will be more talkative than a taste of our cicheti , the typical finger food that we eat as long as we enjoy a glass of wine or an aperitif.

For those who want to delve into the history of the city in a tasty .. and active way!

Meeting point: Campo San Giacometo (at the foot of the Rialto Bridge )
Duration: 2 hours (approx 11-13 recommended )
Cost of the guide: 75 € / h
Extra costs : chichetti and drink to your tastes
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