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Marco Polo: the treasure hunt

Family activity around the area of Rialto

The legendary Venetian explorer Marco Polo will take us around to discover the city of Venice, providing us with a lot of information about his wonderful  travels to the East and his businesses. He also tell us about what his Venice was like between the 13th and 14th centuries, when the Rialto brigde was a wooden one and when Venice was one the the richest and most powerful cities in the Mediterranean. 

The tour is an amusing and challenging game that will allow you to finally find out where Marco Polo lived... 

The tour includes: 
- The Rialto area with its famous fish, fruit and vegetables markets
- Many commercial and historical characteristics of the area 
- Several interesting buildings and churches
- The houses of the Polos

Duration: 2 hours 
Price: from 180 € 
Additional costs: the traghetto (2 € per person), which is the simple gondola that crosses the Gran Canal
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