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Tintoretto for kids!

Incredible masterpieces are awaiting to be discovered!

This visit includes: the Church and Scuola di San Rocco, where the impressive art by Jacopo Tintoretto can be appreciated

How it works: The tour is adequate for the whole family, ans includes a specific activity for the kids to learn about Tintoretto's art, in the form of a finding game and puzzle

What kids will like: the story of Saint Roque, to learn why this Saint is always accompanied by a dog, to explore the giant paintings by Titnoretto, to admire the weird wood faces by Francesco Pianta

What adults will learn: the history of plague in Venice, the history of relics, the monumental pating by Tintoretto in the temple of his art
Duration: 2 hours
Costs: from 160 euros
Extra fees: tickets for the sites (6 to 10 euros for the Scuola; 1,50 to 3 euros for the Church)
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