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Are my scavenger hunts in Venice only for children? Are they interesting also for adults?
Every activity is designed to be kid-oriented. My favorite speakers will be the kids. Nevertheless, my tours are always very informative, therefore parents learn by induction themselves.  

Is there competition in the games proposed?
In certain contexts, and certain games (typically in my scavenger hunt in the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica), I suggest some competition. I always make sure that in the composition of the teams, a positive and stimulating atmosphere can be guaranteed. If you think your kids wouldn’t well manage with it, please advise it to me. 

Do my scavenger hunts foresee a reward (a “treasure”) for the participants?
Some tours, like the scavenger hunts and some finding games, include a small gift in the end. This is a gadget or a typical sweet from Venice in most cases. The price of it is included in the tour. For more exclusive gifts, please contact me.

Can parents take part into the activity or do they have to leave?

My tours are family designed. Parents are required to stay with the group, and to take part actively in the management of the activity.  

Is it a real scavenger hunt? T
he tours that are named “scavenger hunts” are structured as finding games. Sometimes there are clues to find, some other times there are riddles to solve, many times there are maps and orienteering experiences: for every tour I have prepared more versions according to the age of the participants. Anyway, the tours do not include or allow any running around the city or museums alone, with nor without parents. All tours are time controlled, so to be sure there is enough time to complete the activity before the end of the tour.  

What is the thought beyond the kids’ tours that I sell?
My kids’ tours in Venice are derived from a more than 10-year long experience in the field of art and museum education in several institutes in Venice and in Italy. I strongly believe that experience on the field are more powerful than frontal lessons. I also believe that feelings and emotions are a vehicle to experience the real world, so they make the difference in the educational process. The activities you will find in this website are all previously designed to be sure children will have a pleasant, fun discovery of the city of Venice, learning how great a civilization it has been in the world.

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