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The Church of the Gesuati

St. Mary of the Rosary Church was one of the most relevant monastic structures in Venice, both from the religious point of view, and in its artistic dimension.

It is commonly called the Gesuati Church, in reference to the religious order that ran the adjoining convent until their suppression in 1668 and the following arrival of the Dominicans. The Jesuats officiated nearby in the smaller Church of the Visitation, which in the 18th century proved to be no more sufficient for the active devotional uses of the Dominican friars.

Thus, the architect Giorgio Massari erected the present church complex between 1725 and 1743, dealing with not only the architectural part, but also the entire interior sculptural decoration, including altars and wooden furnishings, giving life to an extraordinary example of stylistic consistency that isalmost unique in Venice.

The church inside is composed of one nave flanked by three minor altars on either side, and a long chancel that encloses a massive altar with a canopy in polychrome marble.

Along with Giorgio Massari, between 1730 and 1748, otherthree distinguished artists realized the pictorial apparatus:Sebastiano Ricci, Giambattista Piazzetta and Giambattista Tiepolo.

The fresco decoration of the ceiling, starting in 1738, was committed to the genius of Tiepolo who represented some Dominican scenes: The institution of the Rosary, the Apparition of the Virgin to St. Dominic and the Glory of St. Dominic.

A visit to this Church is worth for lots of reasons: the brauty of its artworks, the amazing location, the interest of its story.
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