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Are you in Venice for a few days and you are unsure about how to spend your time there? Would you like some suggestions to make your experience magical and fun?

Here are my recommendations for a bunch of tours you might like.

If your kids are aged from 6 to 12, if they are curious and love to learn actively, if they have heard of the big armory in the Palace and of the dungeons, the perfect tour to choose is this scavenger hunt in the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilicahttps://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/scavenger-hunt-inside-piazza-san-marco
It is also the best idea of a tour if it is their first time to Venice, as it is a wonderful introduction to the history of this city, or if you are on a budget and want to choose the one tour!  

A different experience can be my Play with Marco Polo tour: https://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/scavenger-hunt-inside-piazza-san-marco
In comparison to the first, this is a scavenger hunt all set outdoors, across the Rialto area and surrounsings. The theme of the walk is the famous merchant and explorer Marco Polo, whose story is always very attractive, and not only to children!
This tour includes a map specifically designed for kids, it is very informative and if appropriate for kids from 6 to 12. In case you are looking for an outdoors experience to see the must-see sights in Venice, this tour might be the best for you: https://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/scavenger-hunt-between-st-marka-s-sq-and-rialto-for-kids-and-adults
This tour includes a good overview of all the buildings facing Piazza San Marco, and a short walk till the Rialto bridge. Kids love this finding game, where some rhymes to be solved will lead them to a final reward.  

If you think your children should have a different museum experience, take into consideration this tour that I lead in the Accademia gallery: https://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/scavenger-hunt-between-st-marka-s-sq-and-rialto-for-kids-and-adults
A treasure hunt that will help participant not only to appreciate the most significant paiting collection in town, but also to interpret some of its symbols.  

For more information, do not hesitate to write me: info@guidedvenice.com

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