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10 things to do in Venice with kids!

Here is a list of 10 things I can suggest you do with your kids in Venice!  

1.      To get oriented in a fun, interactive and informative way, I think the first thing you should do with your family is a guided tour! This tour http://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/scavenger-hunt-in-venice is in the shape of a scavenger hunt, designed for kids from 6 to 12 years old. You will discover the most important sights in Venice, San Marco and Rialto. It is a lovely walk across the city, perfect as an orientation!   

2.      Kids love to see cities from above, and… to climb stairs! I would suggest that you climb the Scala Contarini del Bovolo, a magnificent old spiral staircase that leads you up to the belvedere! Really beautiful view! There is a ticket for adults to pay here. Alternatively, in case of nice weather, you can book online and for free the view from the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, near the Rialto bridge. One more suggestion could be the Bell tower of St. Mark’s Basilica, which is the tallest building in town and offers the best global view. Here, in high season, consider the option of booking the entrance in advance to avoid huge lines.   

3.      Venice and Carnival. If your kids like masks and disguises, Venice is the perfect city. There are lots of nice traditional workshops to visit, which produce authentic paper mâché masks. Certain laboratories organize workshops where you can paint your own mask! My favourites are Ca’ Marega and Tragicomica.     

4.      The Doge’s Palace is one of those must-see museums in Venice, which never let anyone down. Kids have generally real fun here! My suggestion is that you go with a guide: it is essential to select the most important things is such a huge place! Here is the tour I offer: http://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/scavenger-hunt-in-venice is If the kids can resist for 3 hours, my suggestion id to add the visit to the Basilica of St. Mark, with its amazing golden mosaics, the famous for horses and the marvelous golden altarpiece… 5. Gelato? It is always a good idea, to keep everyone in a good mood. There are certain places in Venice that are must-visit. Your guide can suggest the best place! My favorite? Suso (or Gelato di natura!)… but hardly anything can compete the the Gianduoitto by Da Nico!   

6.      A trip to Murano. Be careful about choosing your souvenirs in Venice. The very great majority of the glass sold in cheap stores across the city is totally fake! A trip to Murano can be a good idea, though it ends up to be normally a commercial experience. Ask your guide where to visit, considering also expectations about possible purchasing. The glass museum is really interesting! And, do not forget to see the old Dome, full of stories that kids will love.

7.      Burano is one of the most picturesque towns I have every visited in the world. Moreover, to go there you need to get across the lagoon, which itself is a lovely experience. Colorful houses, delicious cookies, a leaning tower, gorgeous restaurants are the ingredients for a lovely trip from Venice! Kids all love it!     

8.      If there is one more church, beside St. Mark’s, that you should visit, I believe that is the Frari Church. As kids can have it hard to understand the history of the place without any explanation, a guide is always a good idea. Here is the tour I offer: http://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/masterpieces-explaineda-to-kids   

9.      Shopping! Please, when buying, remember to support the local shops and artisans. Glass beads, wood toys, stationery stores, paper stores, artists… ask for suggestions! Teach your kids about sustainable tourism. A couple of stores I would suggest: C’era una volta, Mr Bloom, Plum Plum creations, Il Papiro.   

10.    When walking across the city, it can be nice for the kids to be stimulated to look around and observe with interest. A lovely activity is to count lions! At the end of the trip, you will have found hundreds, as they are everywhere! If you kids love finding thinks around, I also offer this tour: http://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/masterpieces-explaineda-to-kids