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Other 10 things to do in Venice with kids! – Part 2

Here is a list of 10 more things to do with your family while in Venice! Have fun!

  1.    A gondola ride! Is there another place in the world where to do it? No, no and no! My favorite places are: at Campo San Barnaba and at Santi Giovanni e Paolo. The price is fixed (80 euros per ride, for max 6 passengers), unless you require music of special routes. A slightly different experience could be to go across the Grand Canal by traghetto gondola… cheaper, quicker, but something that the locals still do a lot! It costs 2 euros each person, and takes you to the other side of the city, ready to explore more! 
2. The Accademia gallery is the most important painting collection in Venice. It can be hard to go by yourselves, as it is enormous and displays hundreds of paitings. So this is my proposal for the kids to have fun and learn, and for the parents to enjoy a full museum experience: http://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/animal-hunt-at-the-accademia-galleries. There are different versions of this tour, according to the age of the participants!

3.   One more place for the art lovers is the Peggy Guggenheim collection. At first, it could sound difficult for young kids to visit such a museum, but please never forget that kids have no prejudice, and they will love to hear stories, to recognize things, to have a look at Peggy’s pictures and to see the tomb of herself and 14 dogs! Here is my tour at the Peggy Guggenheim, in case you wish to be accompanied: http://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/animal-hunt-at-the-accademia-galleries.

4.      Tiramisu tasting? Gnam! Most kids are super excited by the local tiramisu. And, for your knowledge, if your kids are not enthusiastic about coffee, there is gorgeous place that produces tiramisu with no coffee, in different flavors: cherry, pistachio… all to try!

5. An Italian lesson? If you have been spending in Italy a few days, you might be interested in learning some Italian. Touring with and meeting locals is a lovely experience itself. I have a myriad of proposals for a fun lesson of Italian for kids… and adults: http://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/italian-lesson-learn-with-fun.

6.      Glass bead creations: some studio are specialized in a long-tradition production in glass, and some organize private workshops for bead-creation making. I highly suggest Marisa Convento. And believe me, not only for girls!

7.      Visit the fish market. At the Rialto area, there are so many interesting things to do and see. Beside the famous Rialto bridge and view of the Grand Canal, beside the millions of shops where both locals and tourists buy, in the morning this is were the historic fish, fruit and vegetable markets take place! To explore it, in combination with a stop at a typical bacaro where to taste a drink and the cicchetti, is believed to be an authentic experience!

8.      A boat tour across the Grand Canal. Soon or later, when in Venice you will have to catch a boat. The city is so picturesque, but you can try to get a more in depth perspective with a guide: http://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/italian-lesson-learn-with-fun. In case of low-budget, buy a ticket for the vaporetto (water bus), get on number 1 waterbus and cruise the marvelous Grand Canal!

9.      For teens or inquisitive children, it can be interesting to tour the Doge’s Palace “secret itineraries”. The story of Giacomo Casanova’s escape from the “lead” cells fascinates young and adults. This special opening service is sold only as a group tour. Be aware that you can do it with a private guide as well, but it needs advanced booking! Look at this for more info: http://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/italian-lesson-learn-with-fun.

10.   If you have been to Venice a number of times, or are spending lots of days, you might be willing to explore the beautiful mainland. Quiet countryside, interrupted by the important Brenta River, the mainland was chose as a favorite place for the noble and wealthy families to build their summer houses and villas. Villa Pisani is probably a kids’ favorite! Not only for the magnificent ball room with frescoes by Tiepolo, the most relevant European artist in the 18th century, but also for the enormous garden, with a vegetal maze… which is so difficult to cross and so fun! More info at http://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/mainland-villas/riviera-del-brenta and http://www.guidedvenice.com/en/itineraries/kids-in-venice/italian-lesson-learn-with-fun.

Ask your guide for some suggestions!