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Renaissance painting Venice

Renaissance painting in Venice

> Titian, Veronese and tintoretto

If Renaissance was born in Florence and arrived in Venice quite later, some of our 15th and 16th century masters are popular all over the world.

Titian was the main star in the 16th century Europe. He was not only the official painter of Venice, but also of Emperor Charles V and Philip II. He mastered in religious and historical painting and was an unrivalled portraitist. Titian’s Assumption of Mary in the Frari Church was his first important religious commission, an oil painting onwood table that has a breath-taking effect on everybody who enters the church. Many other places in Venice hides Titian’s artworks, let me guide you there.

Veronese was Titian’s favourite pupil. If some of the most popular canvases he realized are housed in the Doge’s Palace, San Sebastiano Church and the Accademia Gallery hide a collection of masterpieces Veronese depicted for some luxurious Venetian venues. Do not miss the huge Supper at the House of Levi at the Accademia Museum: a new interpretation of this masterpiece will thrill you.

Tintoretto… Titian’s greatest rival. He realized enormous paintings, as for instance the Paradise in the Great Council Hall in the Doge’s Palace, or the Gathering of the Manna in La Madonna dell’Orto Church. However, the place that tells you more about his life, his career, his mastery, his family and friends, his enormous devotion and his difficult life is San Rocco, where he left dozens of marvellous paintings. 

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