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Bosch project in Venice

Jheronimus Bosch died in 1516. This year we celebrate the fivehundredth anniversary of his death, and Europe is preparing to celebrate this creative genius, somewhere between the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

There are exhibitions in Den Bosch, the artist's birthplace, in Madrid (Spain), and also at the Palazzo Ducale in Venice (Italy).

In Venice there are three works by Bosch, from the collection of Cardinal Domenico Grimani, which have been exposed for a long time at the Palazzo Ducale.

These phantasmagorical visions have been restored thanks to substantial international funding and, before leaving the city for the exhibitions abroad, they are visible in the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice, where a multimedia station decribes the delicate, amazing restoration work.

MOre info about this enthusiatic project at http://boschproject.org/
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