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Play Venice - An interactive guide for families to the most important sights in Venice

Imagine a scientist, a little crazy and a little evil, named Zeviena, who wants to destroy Venice! Oh no! How can we save the city of Venice, kids? Only by knowing the city, and learning to love it!

This book - PlayVenice created by Sara Grinzato and Monica Latini, with illustrations by Paola Scibilia, published by Linea Edizioni, 2020 - is very different from the usual children's guides!

It is an interactive guide, where the family can choose their own path, between the Doge's Palace and the Basilica of San Marco. To stop Zeviena, children will have to overcome some difficulties, face quizzes and solve riddles!

It everything imaginary... or maybe not? Rubbish, neglect, the delicacy of its works are not an invention! The city of Venice is truly fragile, and needs a lot of care. Once we have calmed down Zeviena, children, we should really work to save our beautiful Venice!

The book will be available very soon in all bookstores and online! (but prefer bookstores!)

If you want a tour with the author: info@guidedvenice.com
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