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Activitiy for children (… and grown-up children) in Venice

Are you in Venice with your family and kids? Don’t you know how to entertain them, avoiding them to get bored in the first museum? Do you need a super kid-friendly guide?
Choose this activity!  

Do you fear they will yawn in the first room of the Doge’s Palace? Not with this game, which includes a little bit of competition… lots of fun and… sugar! You will be divided into two teams, each one will have to answer questions and find details. For every answer that is correct, the team collects some interesting points...

The tour includes:
- the beautiful Doge’s Palace with its amazing Renaissance rooms; - the large armoury inside the Doge’s Palace with lots of ancient crossbows, the first rifles, cannons;
- the old dungeons and the Bridge of sights;
- Saint Mark’s church with its incredible mosaics (a soccer field of gold!)
- the golden altarpiece with its 2,000 precious stones  
- the famous bronze horses and the beautiful terrace of the church with a view on the square

Duration: 3 hours
Price: from 240 euros
Tickets needed: Doge’s Palace: 20 € adults, 13 € kids;  Skip-the-line entrance to the church: 3 €; Golden altar-piece: 2 €; church terrace 5 €
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