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Visit Peggy Guggenheim collection with private guide

Peggy Guggenheim collection with a private guide

> Peggy Guggenheim museum displays an amazing collection of paintings purchased by Solomon Guggenheim's niece from the Twenties to the Sixties.

Her house in Venice, Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, is today her museum, and visitors today can admire many artworks still exactly where she hang them!


Have a look at Peggy’s photographs, understanding her eclectic personality, and her taste for Surrealism and Abstract Art. See her incredible earrings collection… and her tomb in the garden.


Look at Mondrian’s paintings, and understand why Peggy bought them. Let me tell you something about the first Picasso’s exhibited in Venice… and learn about Pollock’s superb canvases.


Did you know this museum has an impressive terrace on the Grand Canal, which offers you a splendid view?


A trip in the early 20th century European and American art with an art lover licensed guide of Venice!

Visit Peggy Guggenheim collection with private guide!

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