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Are you in Venice with your family and kids?
Don’t you know how to entertain them, avoiding them to get bored in the first museum?
Do you need a real kid-friendly guide? There is plenty of activities children can do in Venice. Here below are some suggestion!

Do you fear they will yawn in the first room of the Doge’s Palace? Not with me!
I have studied a treasure hunt to have the entire family enjoy the Palace and make it a memorable experience!
If your boys are excited about weapons… do you know there is a large armory inside the Doge’s Palace with lots of ancient crossbows, the first rifles, cannons…?
They will love the old dungeons after going through the Bridge of sights. The girls will be fascinate by the amount of precious materials exhibited in the Ducal Palace!


The Church of Saint Mark’s Basilica is another great idea for a visit of a significant place in Venice. Kids love to search around for details on the huge golden mosaics, they love to count the gems of the Golden Altarpiece, and cannot believe the famous bronze horses are over 2,000 years old!
For this site, I suggest that you book my finding game, excellent for kids from 6 to 12 years old! Are your kids little explorer and do they like to explore around? Book a scavenger hunt between San Marco and Rialto… this is a great idea also for parents to learn about the city, in a fun and interactive way.

Are your children little artists? Let me organize a fantastic mask workshop! To paint a mask in Venice will be very fun, and be sure your kids will remember everything about Venice’s Carnival then!
Do you think you should avoid the crowds? Let me take you to San Giorgio island, and let’s climb the bell tower, the view of Venice is spectacular, not only for kids!
Would you like me to let your kids amuse in front of a Picasso? Should I let them discover the secrets of a Kandinskji? It’s time for Peggy Guggenheim then, the most prestigious 20th century art museum in Europe!

Please discover the ideas of a kid friendly guide in Venice asking for more information at info@guidedvenice.com

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