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Professional guide in Venice

Professional guide in Venice


See Venice with a professional guide.

To be a guide, in most of Italian cities, you first need to take a Master’s Degree in either History or Art History, and then to pass a strict exam about the local history, art, culture and geography, as well as a test on foreign languages. Once passed this exam, you get a license to give tours in one specific city or area.

Do not trust those guides who do not exhibit their licenses! A licence is guarantee of qualification and professionalism.

An authorised guide can take you inside the main sights of the city (the Doge’s Palace and Saint Mark’s), as well as organize walking tours in off-the-beaten paths.
A legal guide allows you to skip all lines to get into the museums, saving your precious time in the city.
A professional guide will never propose you to see the out-of-the-way places fearing that he/she can be fined…
A licensed tour guide is an expert in history, and will not tell you just stories…
An official tour guide can arrange pick up at your hotels, plan specific itineraries, organize boat excursion, and let you see what one should not miss in Venice.

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