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venice with an expert in fine arts and antiquities

Venice with an expert in fine arts and antiquities

> Art restorer and tour guide in Venice

During my guided tours, I do not only mention the gilded ceilings of the Doge's Palace, I explain the technique used to realize them, from where the gold came, how they have been restored so far, I will let you understand their deep sense and meaning.


I do not simply speak of Titian glorifying the typical three-dimensional effects of the Renaissance style; I talk about the colours he used, about his studio, his way of painting, letting you imagine him at work.


Where did Tintoretto paint his astonishing "Paradise" in the Doge's Palace? Is it really the largest oil painting ever realized?

Why have the colours of his amazing paintings at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco darkened over time?


My background as an art conservator will let you understand much more about the art in my city.

I am both an art restorer and a tour guide.

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