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> How many questionS you might have once you are in Venice

Where did Marco Polo live? Why is he so famous?
Where did Vivaldi teach music?
Was is true and what is not about Casanova?
Where was Doge Marin Faliero, beheaded as a traitor of the Republic of Venice, buried?
Where did Tintoretto live?
Where is the famous spiral staircase of Palazzo Contarini dal Bovolo?
What’s the story of the Bridge of the Devil in Torcello?
Where is Titian’s funeral monument?
What is the most ancient building facing the Grand Canal?
Where’s Francesco Da Mosto’s house?
What is wrong in Dan Brown’s Inferno?
Where is the old area of the courtesans?
Where are the only Canaletto’s paintings in Venice?
Where did Robert Browning live?
Where was The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp filmed?

How many question you might have once you are in Venice…

By planning a private boat excursion, you can easily reach some of the most hidden and fascinating places of Venice, skipping from one side to the other of the city according to your tastes and need of answers. Remember, Venice was designed to be seen from the water! A taxi is the fastest solution to enjoy the city by selecting those things that can satisfy your curiosity.

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