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What to see in Venice

What to see in Venice

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If you are in Venice for a few days and you feel like discovering more about this unique city, here are some ideas and recommendations.

First, you should never leave Venice without having seen Saint Mark’s basilica. This is a golden church, close to one thousand years old, and covered with brilliant glass mosaics inside. With a guide, you will first skip the line and save time to see the interior! Second, you will notice many details that on your own you would never be able to find. Third, I will easier take you to see the incredible Golden Altarpiece and the terrace with the famous four bronze horses in an exclusive private approach. In the end, I will tail your itinerary to your tastes and background.

Second, visit Ca’ Rezzonico. The 18th century was for Venice a period of political decline, but on the other hand a flourishing moment from the artistic point of view. The only private house regularly open to the public is Ca’ Rezzonico. Why should you go there? Well, because it is set in a residential and non-touristy area, which is really worth a visit. Because it preserves incredible pieces of original furniture inside. And because this is the only way to see two original views by Canaletto of Venice in Venice!

Third, go to the places where locals go! Rialto is touristy, everybody says. I do not agree at all! It is touristy at the wrong time! Go there to have an aperitif and let a local teach you a little bit of our culture. Rialto has another side of the coin that is made up of the fruit, vegetable and fish market, of pub-crawling, of cicchetti and hidden historical places

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